Whole Tire Shredder

Waste tire shredder consists of motors, gearboxes, feed hopper, shredder blades, shafts, lower racks, rotary sieve, discharge conveyor, ladder, control box, etc.


Product introduction

Our waste tire shredder adopts a Germany technology and is widely used in crushing various kinds of truck tires, car tires, bus tires, passenger car tires, motorcycle tires, bicycle tires, OTR tires, scrap rubber products, rubber tubes, etc.

Product advantages


Tire shredder is easy to operate and easy to maintain;


Tire shredder has a low speed, high torque, low noise, compact design;


The output size can be controlled by the rotary sieve;


The tire shredder can stop and move backward automatically when overload to prevent overfeeding and protect against damage from foreign objects.

Technical parameter

Model HNDT1000 HNDT1200 HNDT1500 HNDT1900 HNDT2600
Motor Power) 30*2 Kw 75*2 Kw 90*2 Kw 110*2 Kw 160*2 Kw
Capacity 1-1.5 T/H 2-3 T/H 4-5 T/H 6-8 T/H 8-12 T/H
Blade Quantity 26/td>

30 38 38 40
Blade Diameter Φ360 mm Φ372 mm Φ530 mm Φ560 mm Φ720 mm
Output Size 3-8 cm 3-8 cm 3-8 cm 3-8 cm 3-8 cm
Input Opening Size 11200*1000 mm 1400*1000 mm 2000*2000 mm 2300*2000 mm 2425*1400 mm
Dimension L/W/H 3500*2200*3500 mm 4600*2300*3500 mm 5100*2400*3500 mm 6500*2500*3500 mm 8200*4000*3500 mm
Weight 8.5T 13T 15T 17.5T 32T


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