Mini Double Shaft Shredder

The mini shredder machine is dedicated to the use of households or small recycling stations. This mini shredder machine can shred all kinds of waste materials..

Product introduction

This small double shaft shredder is used to shred scrap PET bottles, plastic beverage bottles, thin wood plate, aluminum cans tins, newspaper papers, household waste kitchen waste and office etc.

The small double shaft shredder is mainly used in waste scrap recycling industry, apply in home use, hospital, supermarket, shopping center, hotel use and small recycling center, it is composed of three sections: shredder box, blade, and main shaft.

Product advantages


This mini shredder can shred all kinds of waste materials and is suitable for scenes with small output.


The main body of the equipment is welded with high quality steel plate to eliminate stress treatment.


Good Stability: The equipment has strong stability under long-term heavy load.


Multiple Choice: There are a variety of models to choose from, well-known brand reducer.

Technical parameter

Model HN-M180A HN-M280 HN-M300C HN-M400A HN-M500
Feed inlet 300*180mm 300*280mm 300*300mm 400*400mm 400*500mm
Machine size 1200*600* 1000mm 1400*600* 1000mm 800*1000* 1000mm 1200*600*1200mm 1900*600*1200mm
Weight 320kg/340kg/td>

520kg 430kg 680kg 1200kg
Power 380v4kw 380V5.5kw*2 380v 7.5kw 380v 15kw 380V 15kw*2


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