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Zhengyang Group is a foreign trade group enterprise focusing on the production and sales of environmentally friendly recycling equipment, consumable equipment, and automation equipment. Main products: Recycling production lines include lithium battery recycling production lines, solar panel recycling production lines, waste household appliances recycling production lines, circuit board recycling production lines, precious metal refining equipment, copper wire recycling equipment, aluminum and plastic sorting and recycling equipment, paper and plastic recycling equipment, and waste motors Recycling equipment, copper and aluminum radiator recycling equipment, continuous can paint removal equipment, waste tire recycling equipment, scrap steel crushing and sorting equipment, etc.; single machine includes single-shaft, dual-shaft and four-shaft shredders, various types of crushers, and motors Stator and rotor copper removal machine, wire stripping machine, aluminum-plastic plate separator, radiator pipe stripping machine, metal shearing machine and baling machine, etc. As well as hygiene material manufacturing equipment such as mask machines and wet wipes machine production line equipment.


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Henan Communications Industrial Park, Economic Development Zone, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province

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