What is the hourly output of the metal shredder equipment

What is the hourly output of the metal shredder equipment


Metal shredders play a crucial role in the treatment of waste iron products, and their output is directly influenced by various factors such as equipment model, performance, technical specifications, and working conditions. The following is a specific analysis of these factors:

Firstly, the equipment model is one of the key factors determining the output of metal shredders. Large scale metal shredders typically have higher processing capabilities and can handle larger scale waste iron product processing tasks. For example, the 1200 metal shredder can process 5 to 6 tons of scrap iron per hour. If it works for 10 hours a day, its daily output can reach 50-60 tons.

Secondly, the performance and technical specifications of the equipment also have a direct impact on the output. Metal shredders are usually composed of feeding silos, transmission shafts, electrical control systems, discharge conveyors, and power drives. The performance and technical level of these parts directly determine the processing capacity and efficiency of the equipment. High performance shredder equipment can quickly and effectively shred scrap iron products into the required size and shape, thereby increasing production.

In addition, the characteristics and morphology of scrap iron products can also have an impact on the output of metal shredders. Different types of scrap iron products have different densities, hardness, and shapes, all of which can affect the processing speed and efficiency of shredders. For scrap iron products with high density and complex morphology, higher performance and processing capacity metal shredders may be required to achieve higher yields.

The production operating conditions and working hours of the equipment can also have an impact on the processing capacity. Good operating conditions and reasonable work schedule can ensure the stable operation and efficient production of metal shredder equipment. For example, keeping the equipment clean, regularly maintaining and upkeep the equipment, and arranging work hours reasonably can all improve the processing capacity and output of the equipment.

In summary, the output of metal shredders in the treatment of waste iron products is influenced by a combination of multiple factors. In order to achieve efficient and stable production, it is necessary to select appropriate equipment models, ensure that equipment performance and technical specifications meet the requirements, consider the characteristics and forms of scrap iron products, and optimize the production operating conditions and working schedule of equipment.




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