What is the discharge fineness of the shredder?

What is the discharge fineness of the shredder?


The discharge particle size of the dual axis shredder is mainly determined by the following factors:

Material characteristics: The hardness, toughness, density, and other characteristics of different materials can affect the discharge particle size. For example, materials with higher hardness may require sharper blades and stronger crushing force to achieve the desired discharge particle size

Blade design: As mentioned in the text, the selection of blades is crucial. The number of teeth on the moving blade determines the length of the discharge, while the thickness of the moving blade determines the width of the discharge. The material, shape, angle, etc. of the blade will affect the crushing effect and discharge particle size

Machine speed and torque: The speed and torque of a dual axis shredder determine the amount of force applied to the material during crushing, thereby affecting the discharge particle size. Higher rotational speed and torque can generate stronger crushing force, but it may also lead to excessive material crushing

Crushing chamber design: The shape, size, and internal structure of the crushing chamber will affect the crushing process and discharge particle size of the material. Reasonable crushing chamber design can improve crushing efficiency and reduce excessive or incomplete crushing of materials during the crushing process

The materials suitable for processing by the dual axis shredder mainly include:

Domestic waste treatment

Large piece garbage collection

Industrial waste resource utilization

Biomass power generation

Plastic, tire regeneration

Harmless disposal of hazardous waste (chemical drums, oil drums, paint drums, medical waste, dead animals, etc.)

However, dual axis shredders are not suitable for crushing thick metal materials and large amounts of hard materials, such as stones or construction waste, as these materials require higher crushing force and special crushing methods

In summary, the discharge particle size of a dual axis shredder is mainly determined by factors such as material characteristics, blade design, machine speed and torque, and crushing chamber design. Choosing a suitable dual axis shredder requires comprehensive consideration based on specific application scenarios and material characteristics




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