Double shaft shredder Product

Scrap Plastic Shredder

Scrap Plastic Shredder

Plastic shredder consists of motors, gearboxes, feed hopper, shredder blades, shafts, lower racks, control box, etc. The number of the blades or their width respectively determines the size of the output material.

Product introduction

Plastic shredder is widely used in crushing various kinds of plastic scraps, such as plastic drum, pvc pipe, plastic film, plastic toys, plastic barrel, aluminum plastic films, plastic tray, plastic plastic pallet, ABS die materials, plastic lumps, refrigerator, washing machine, television, air conditioner and other household appliances, etc.

Product advantages


Plastic shredder is easy to operate and easy to maintain;


Plastic shredder has a low speed, high torque, low noise, compact design;


Plastic shredder with a special material, long life, high utilization rate; knives can be exchanged easily and quickly;


In case the scrap metal shredder is overloaded or foreign objects are in the cutting unit, the rotor stops and moves backward automatically to prevent overfeeding and protect against damage from foreign objects.

Technical parameter

Model HNDP600 HNDP800 HNDP1000 HNDP1200 HNDP1500
Motor Power) 11*2 Kw 18.5*2 Kw 22*2 Kw 30*2 kw 45*2 Kw
Capacity 500-600 Kg/H 800-1000 Kg/H 1200-1500 Kg/H 1500-1800 Kg/H 3000-4500 Kg/H
Blade Quantity 30 26 50 40 36
Blade Diameter Φ210×20 mm Φ210×30 mm Φ300×20 mm Φ300×30 mm Φ400×40 mm
Input Opening Size 950*700 mm 1200*800 mm 1200*950 mm 1500*1000 mm 1500*2000 mm
Dimension L/W/H 1800*850*1850 mm 2800*900*2050 mm 3400*1500*2200 mm 3800*1600*2600 mm 4600*1700*2600 mm




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