The metal crusher can be equipped with an environmentally friendly dust collector

The metal crusher can be equipped with an environmentally friendly dust collector


Although metal crushers are environmentally friendly equipment, dust pollution is inevitable in production, and installing a dust collector can perfectly solve this problem. Therefore, the dust collector of metal crushers is very important.

What type of dust collector is suitable for metal crushers? In production, combined with practical production experience, a combination of cyclone dust collector and gas box pulse dust collector is adopted to effectively capture dust and avoid the combustion of flammable and explosive gases generated by some storage tanks in the coal.

Performance characteristics of dust collectors:

1. High reliability design ensures the long-term stable operation of the dust collector and the host, with minimal maintenance workload;

2. A design with strong adaptability, the dust collector can adapt to a wide range of changes in the properties of dusty gases;

3. Long lifespan design, with main equipment designed and manufactured for a service life of over 15 years;

4. Low operating cost, optimized process parameter design, conducive to low resistance, efficient and stable operation of dust collectors, reducing system energy consumption, effectively reducing filter bag loss and maintenance;

A metal crusher equipped with a dust collector is a truly environmentally friendly crushing equipment that can meet the current environmental requirements.




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