How does the dual axis shredder equipment operate?

How does the dual axis shredder equipment operate?


The power source of the dual axis shredder is the electric motor. Specifically, the power structure consists of two electric motors, which are transmitted to the hard toothed reducer through a V-belt. The reducer drives two opposite rotation shredder spindles, causing the spindles to rotate in relative directions. Through the deceleration effect of the reducer, the torque of the equipment spindle is greatly increased, providing necessary power for tearing materials.

The dual axis shredder mainly handles different materials by adjusting the blade width, number of blade teeth, and blade shape. For materials with higher hardness, smaller and thicker blades can be used, and the number of rollers can be reduced to increase the discharge particle size. When the hardness of the torn material is low, the diameter of the blade can be increased to improve work efficiency.

When the material is too smooth and difficult to grasp, different numbers of blade claws can be selected based on the specific material. The size of the discharge particle size is related to the blade teeth. Increasing the number of blade claws will reduce the tearing size of the blade claws on the material, while conversely, the discharge particle size will increase. In this way, the dual axis shredder can be flexibly adjusted according to the different characteristics of the material, achieving effective shredding processing.




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