Working principle of waste plastic crusher


The working principle of the waste plastic crusher is driven by electricity, which causes the internal moving blade disc to rotate at high speed. During the rotation process, relative motion is formed between the moving blade and the fixed blade, generating shear force, effectively crushing waste plastic into smaller fragments. At the same time, the machine is equipped with a screen inside to screen and filter the broken plastic particles, ensuring that the output plastic fragments meet the predetermined size requirements.

Plastic crushers can handle various types of waste plastics, including but not limited to plastic rubber, beverage bottles, fishing nets, toy plastics, and plastic scraps. Its widespread application not only contributes to the recycling of waste plastics, but also reduces the pollution caused by direct burning of plastics to the environment, promoting sustainable economic development.

In modern society, the application of plastics is ubiquitous, and the existence and widespread use of plastic crushers are closely related to our daily lives. It provides us with an effective means to convert waste plastics into valuable renewable resources, making important contributions to environmental protection and economic development.

Overall, the working principle of the waste plastic crusher is simple and efficient. Through cutting and screening, it achieves effective crushing and reuse of waste plastics, bringing positive impacts to our lives and environment.


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