What is the hourly output of shredder equipment and how to maintain it?


The hourly output of shredder equipment is closely related to its model, processing capacity, material type and output size. The following is a detailed answer to the hourly output and maintenance of shredder equipment:

The hourly output of shredder equipment

The hourly output of shredder equipment varies depending on the model and material type. Taking metal shredders as an example, a set of 1200 metal shredder equipment can produce 5 to 6 tons per hour. The hourly output range of double-shaft shear shredders (such as the GD series) is wider, ranging from 1-3 tons to 40-60 tons per hour.

Maintenance of shredder equipment

Maintenance of shredder equipment is essential to keep it running efficiently and extend its service life. Here are some key maintenance measures:

Timely inspection and cleaning: After work every day, the machine should be cleaned in time to check whether the screws are loose and whether the teeth, screens and other wearing parts are worn. Keep the inside and outside of the machine clean and avoid debris from entering the machine.

Add grease: The moving parts and bearings of the machine need to be lubricated and maintained. According to the instruction manual, add an appropriate amount of lubricating oil or grease regularly to ensure smooth operation, reduce wear and noise.

Clean the raw materials to be shredded: Carefully clean the raw materials to be shredded, and it is strictly forbidden to enter the shredder room where metal parts such as copper, iron, lead, and debris such as large stones are mixed. This helps protect the machine from damage.

Control the speed: Do not increase the speed of the shredder at will. Generally, the difference between the speed and the rated speed is 8%-10%. When the shredder is matched with a machine with higher power, pay attention to controlling the flow rate to make it uniform, not too fast or too slow.

Check the electrical system: Regularly check electrical components such as wires, plugs, fuses, etc. to ensure that they are intact. Be careful to prevent water and moisture from entering the electrical system to avoid malfunctions.

Safe operation: When operating the shredder, follow the safe operating procedures and use relevant safety equipment, such as gloves, goggles, earplugs, etc. Clear the blockage and jam in time to avoid accidents.

By following the above maintenance measures, you can ensure the efficient operation of the shredder equipment and extend its service life.


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