Performance of dual axis shredder


Double axis shredder, also known as shear shredder, is a widely used equipment for reducing material size in various large volume waste. This equipment uses cutting, tearing, and squeezing methods to crush various materials in order to reduce their size.

The dual axis shredder mainly consists of a moving knife, a fixed knife, a knife shaft, a frame, a box, an electric control, and other parts. Among them, both the moving knife and the fixed knife are made of alloy steel casting, which is sturdy, durable, and has a long service life. The cutter shaft adopts a low-speed and high torque design, making the equipment more stable and efficient during the crushing process. The rack and box are made of high-quality steel welded together, with a sturdy structure that can withstand high torque and impact forces.

The dual axis shredder is suitable for crushing and processing various types of waste, such as plastic waste, rubber waste, wood, electronic waste, medical waste, etc. These wastes can be directly recycled or further refined after being crushed by a dual axis shredder. This equipment has an automatic feeding function during the crushing process. The unique blade shaft structure and rotating cutting tools make it less prone to entanglement or jamming during the crushing process, improving production efficiency.

In addition, the dual axis shredder also has a PLC control system that can automatically control the equipment's start, stop, reverse, and overload automatic reverse control functions. This makes the equipment more stable and safe during the crushing process. At the same time, the equipment is also equipped with a dust removal system, effectively reducing the dust pollution generated during the crushing process.

In summary, the dual axis shredder is an efficient, stable, and safe waste crushing and processing equipment, widely used in the reduction of material size for various large volume waste. Its emergence not only solves the problem of difficult waste disposal, but also promotes the recycling of resources and sustainable development of the environment.


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