Functional characteristics of scrap steel shredder


Scrap steel shredder is a kind of crushing equipment specially used for processing scrap steel. Its functional characteristics mainly include the following aspects:

1. Efficient processing capacity

High crushing efficiency: Scrap steel shredder can quickly and effectively crush scrap steel into small pieces, improving processing efficiency. Some advanced scrap steel shredder equipment adopts hydraulic feeding and swing hammer and ring hammer combined crushing hammer head, which is 5%~15% more efficient than other crushing equipment.

Wide applicability: Scrap steel shredder can process scrap steel of various shapes and sizes, including scrapped vehicles, scrapped household appliances, construction waste, etc., and has strong applicability.

2. Improve resource value

High quality of crushed materials: The crushed materials obtained by the scrap steel shredder have high density and high purity, and basically no impurities. When such crushed materials are re-melted into new products in steel mills and other manufacturing enterprises, the unit energy consumption is low, the output is high, and the comprehensive economic benefits are good.

Easy to recycle: Crushed scrap steel is easier to transport and store, and is also convenient for subsequent smelting and processing, which improves the recycling rate of resources.

3. Environmental protection and energy saving

Reduce environmental pollution: Scrap steel shredders can reduce the emission of waste gas, waste water and waste slag during the crushing process, which is conducive to clean production and waste reduction. At the same time, the recycling of scrap steel also reduces the exploitation and destruction of natural resources.

Reduce energy consumption: Compared with direct mining of iron ore, recycling scrap steel can save 60% of energy and 40% of water.

4. Intelligent control

Advanced control system: Scrap steel shredders are usually equipped with PLC control systems and hydraulic power systems to achieve intelligent production, saving time and effort. These systems can ensure stable, automatic and reliable operation of the equipment.

High degree of automation: Scrap steel shredders have functions such as start, stop, reverse and overload automatic reverse control, which can automatically detect and handle abnormal situations and improve production efficiency and safety.

V. Reasonable structural design

Split design: The bearing seat of the scrap steel shredder adopts a split structure, which is easy to disassemble and replace, and the parts are interchangeable.

Strong wear resistance: The blade is made of high-strength alloy steel, which has strong wear resistance and can remain sharp and efficiently crush for a long time.

Good stability: The bearing seat adopts an embedded structure to increase stability; the bearing seat hole is processed by a large horizontal boring machine to improve the coaxiality.

The scrap steel shredder has the functional characteristics of efficient processing capacity, increased resource value, environmental protection and energy saving, intelligent control and reasonable structural design. These characteristics make the scrap steel shredder widely used in the field of scrap steel recycling and processing, and have made important contributions to environmental protection and resource recycling.


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