Analysis of the Performance of Double Axis Chopper


A dual axis shredder is a device specifically designed for handling various types of waste materials. Materials are separated, for example, waste materials such as cans, plastic, or rubber can be shredded and used as raw materials for melting and granulation, and then remade into various recycling cans, plastic bottles, tires, or trash cans. Let's introduce the characteristics and structural performance of the dual axis shredder.

The dual axis shredder has a wide cutting range and can be used in the recycling industry, such as can recycling, plastic recycling, and household waste. Compared with traditional shredders, the new dual axis shredder can be used in China. The generated noise is smaller because the noise of the old traditional shredder mainly comes from the high-speed rotation of the motor. The rotating shaft collides and rotates inside the box, and collides with the material. However, the new dual axis shredder is equipped with a reducer, which decelerates the main shaft of the equipment, resulting in low speed and low noise, reducing the impact on the operator's body.

The dual axis chopper reducer is located on the left and right sides of the upper surface of the base and can be detachably connected to the base. The number of reducers is two, one located on the upper left side of the pulley and the other on the upper right side of the pulley, and interconnected with the motor pulley under the base. There are two sets of cutterheads inside the rotating tool, one set of movable cutterheads and one set of fixed cutterheads. When the device rotates, the movable tool completes the fixation of the material and cooperates with the fixed tool to complete the shearing effect on the material. The dual axis shredder has a wide range of applications, is suitable for a wide range of materials, has low operating noise, and occasionally has a large feeding port. Therefore, it is also suitable for large-scale and large volume material crushing treatment of various waste oil drums.


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